Wiseman - Carbon Fiber Model A

Unbelievably beautiful, strong and LIGHT! This case is the same size as the standard Model A, but will take up to three soprano instruments as well as plenty of storage. Even if only used for the bass clarinet, the case is tiny – half the volume of a bass clarinet case supplied with new instruments. This case is roughly only one-third of the volume of the alternative volume of cases for carrying a bass and two/three sopranos. Carbon fibre is very expensive technology. It cuts the weight in half, but doubles the cost!

Wiseman - Model A

Tubular case hinged along its length. Extremely compact, holding Bass Clarinet and up to two soprano instruments in the storage area. Model B has extra 10cm of storage on both halves. Supplied with Wiseman Velvet Bell Bag for additional storage. Very strong hard case.