Atelier Musicale Bulgheroni - Suite - 450 mm.

Suite - 450 mm.

Each model comes in two types:

  • Semi-perforated drilling, which has a bell effect
  • Drilled in the length, inside it has a compass in Ebony that produces a sweet, rich sound.

The end-pins have a lenght of 15 mm or 30 mm with diameter of 7mm. We have, also, end-pins with a diameter of 7 mm and in the lower part the diameter change in 8 mm.Our end-pin are signed with our Brand Name and has a Serial Number engraved on it. Therefore we can trace its “coming to be” history right down from the very beginning of it’s production.The sound of the music is very clear and very fine to the hear and the sound output from the instrument comes easy and immediately. The end-pin improves the quality of the instrument by making its sound more pleasing than ever before.Gordée Stopper Dalì/ SuiteThanks to our profond knowledge coming from the many years of research, we have develloped a stopper that is more than just “useful”, it serves the intrument and the musician helping produce harmonious and melodious sounds.

  • Made of ebony, rosewood and maple wood with a conical positioning pin in ebony
  • A quality accessory that helps the musician find the right roundness and strenght of sound