Atelier Musicale Bulgheroni - Dalì - 150 mm.

Dalì - 150 mm.

For many musicians the spike is a mere accessory that supports the instrument. Only recently are they being produced also in carbon fiber for weight limiting reasons.We have found out that the spike plays a much greater role, be it for the instrument as well as for the musician. After an accurate and extensive research, we have developed spikes for cellos, bass clarinets as well as for double basses out of an innovative material, which is a merge of noble metals, which are: copper, zinc, tin, etc.., with a certain percentage of silver added to it as well.The effects on the sound, that our spike produces, are - according to the musicians, who have tried it - "amazing": the sound is clean, noble and easy-flowing, getting the instrument to be at its best and especially smooth to the listener.